Sehnaoui Plant Group
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Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant


A compact and continuous plant with excellent mixing performance and asphalt quality, its modular plant design comes with a steel frame foundation. It is designed to reduce investment and operating costs to the bare minimum, and can be moved using your own resources – your team, transportation, and lifting gear.

Mobile / Stationary

The stationary version is extremely compact, requiring minimal space. Due to its low installation height, the plant can also be enclosed with ease. Due to the low number of mechanical conveying elements, no scraper chain conveyor is required. The encapsulation of dust and bitumen fumes is also incorporated into its design.


This fully mobile version incorporates the latest asphalt mixing design technology offering a dynamic performance combined with high quality , productivity, and profitability. This facility requires minimal work to prepare for moving, it is less cumbersome to tow over highways, and can be set up easily and quickly at its new location.