Sehnaoui Plant Group
Performing Nature

Surface Drilling Equipment

Pneumatic Drill

The advanced design of the boom and hydraulic system assures outstanding versatility and high performance for handling all types of drilling operations. Road construction, dam work, open area drilling, mining, quarrying operations, tunneling and other drilling operations are all performed with unsurpassed efficiency.

Hydraulic Drill

Our hydraulic crawler drill is designed to tackle all projects and retain qualities of robustness and versatility. It’s easy to handle and require low running cost. The machine is known for its durability, user-friendly design, and optimal performance.

Hydraulic Breaker

The Hydraulic Direct-Acting System contributes to reduced maintenance costs and has the power, durability and maximum breaking force to dispose of a wide range of troublesome materials. The system is engineered with a superior power to weight ratio, producing maximum impact on every blow.