Sehnaoui Plant Group
Performing Nature

Concrete Precast

CSG Engineering

CSG Engineering develops software products and offers specialized consulting on precast related to:
Architectural drawing with rendering;
Forecast Calculation and bid management;
Executive design with production sketches;
Industrial accounting;
Production planning and optimization;
Production automation via CAD-CAM tools.

Bridges and Viaducts

A viaduct is a type of road or railroad bridge with multiple bays. Beams are usually the main elements forming a bridge structure. While mounting, they are arranged parallel to the road in order to support the carriageway. This type of elements, broadly characterised by high performance in terms of loads and spans, usually have significant weights and sizes combined with a high prestressing stretch. Bridge beams can be used for works in road and/or railroad sector and have several geometries.


A pillar is the vertical load-bearing element of an architectural structure that transfers loads form the structure to the underlying structures aimed at receiving it. It may have a squared, rectangular, polygonal or more complex cross-section and constant or variable shape and/or size. In the latter case, it is known as tapered pillar. The pillar is usually provided with brackets and/or capitals casted together with the element in the event of a standard configuration or applied subsequently in special cases.