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Placing Systems

Hydraulic and Mechanical Distributors

MX placing booms with counterweight are the ideal solution for climbing formwork. They are well-balanced to help minimize the pump torque acting on the climbing formwork. The boom with counterweight has even proved that it is capable of operating extremely well at great freestanding heights.

Concrete Placing Booms

Modern placing booms on freestanding or auto-climbing tubular columns or on lattice towers, together with proven systems engineering, accessories and components for efficient concrete distribution.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Distributors

The booms complement to the concrete pump making it possible to cast easily in areas that cannot be directly reached with the boom of the concrete pump. Booms come with a reach of 24 to 50 m, with or without a counterweight depending on the requirements, and can be used for climbing formwork or for freestanding construction site, or even self-climbing.