Sehnaoui Plant Group
Performing Nature

Our talent management system

To be a high performance organization means being seriously committed to our people. Our talent management program is based on six dimensions:

A hiring process that effectively tackles talent challenges our industry, and successfully identifies and attracts top talent;

An academy with a bespoke education platform that insists on excellence and growth for all our team members to enjoy;


A formal knowledge forum that shares information between our teams through quarterly meetings and a consolidated database;

A personalized and systematic formal mentoring program that offers our sales teams one-on-one career and personal coaching; and

A transparent and measurable performance management system with a fair incentive system.

Equal employment opportunity

Our employment philosophy stresses on meritocracy and fairness. We employ and promote the best-qualified talent, without regard to race, religion, sex, age, or handicap. We continuously monitor to ensure this policy is strictly adhered to.